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Tackle Pack Original Fire Tail Series (12 Count)

$ 31.00

2 each of 6 colors of our Original 6" Touchdown Firetail Worm with 8 sinkers and 12 swivels in a plastic divided box. A $40 Value!

Tackle Pack Firetail Series is a BUILD YOUR OWN TACKLE PACK!!!!!  You pick from the following options:  Purple w/Red Firetail, Purple w/Chartreuse Tail, Purple w/White Tail, Black w/Red Firetail, Amber Rootbeer w/Red Firetail, Green Pumpkin w/Red Firetail, Green Pumpkin w/Pink Tail, Black Grape w/Red Firetail, Black Grape w/Chartreuse Tail, Purple w/Pink Tail.  You pick your 6 colors and tell us in the note section what your choices are!